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Count to five

Count to five

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Count to five - 0
Count to five - 1
Count to five - 2
Count to five
250 USD
This item is the latest revision of Count to 5 in blue (revision 'L').  Ships within 5 business days.

For more information about this pedal please see

Runs off 9V DC, draws ~150mA. True bypass, multicolored LED.

For warranty and returns info please see this page

We are also offering some blems in this round at a 10% discount. These pedals are 100% functioning and warrantied etc but suffer some sort of minor cosmetic imperfection. This may include small chips or scratches in the paint finish, issues with the text or other finish issues. Please see these photos for examples of what you can expect. 
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your and you're

your and you're

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your and you're - 0
your and you're - 1
your and you're - 2
your and you're - 3
your and you're - 4
your and you're
90 USD
A gated square wave/synthy sounding fuzz. We have redesigned a new circuit from scratch to create a similar sound to the  "crash sync" circuit by John Hollis but that allows for better expression/CV control . The CV range is 0-5V DC. Any expression pedal with a "TRS" type plug (stereo style plug) should work. 

VOL controls master volume and TONE tunes an oscillator which is gated by the input signal. The result is a thick gated fuzz. When the expression pedal is plugged in you can change it's sweep range using the TONE knob. 

This pedal sounds great with many instruments other than guitar as well including drum machines and synths. 

There are clips of the device run here and here  and a demonstration of the CV/EXP functionality in the second half of this video here.

Runs of 9V DC negative tip "boss style" adaptor, true bypass, white LED. 

This pedal is available in currently only available in 2 colors, in the picture with all three shown in the product description "China Mint" is on the left, "Seafoam" is in the middle, we have sold out of the "Sassy pink" on the right.

Ships within 5 business days. 

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856 for ZELLERSASN - 0
856 for ZELLERSASN - 1
856 for ZELLERSASN - 2
385 USD
The 856 for ZELLERSASN (856) is a looper which allows you to play back several (up to 3) edited copies of the same recording.  Users can modify the speed, length, volume, number of repeats and other aspects of the loop for each layer. A designed sequence of edits can be stored and can be applied to new recordings (loops).

The current version has midi in and midi through connections as well as an expression pedal input that can also be setup to accept external foot switches to replace the on board ones (useful if you are planning to use the 856 on a table top but still want to trigger recordings with your feet).

Pedal requires 9V DC @ 150mA. All leds are white.

For demo videos and more info checkout the website and manual.

For photos of what are typical cosmetic blems (if you select blem option at reduced price) please see this folder. These photos do not represent the standard version, only blems.  Blems have the same warranty and are 100% functional, but have some defect in the finish or cosmetic condition.
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